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"We have no words to express our gratitude to Dr. Schnee and highly recommend his services and expertise. Dr. Schnee began working with our son around 9 months ago. Our son is on the higher functioning end of the autistic spectrum. He is an intelligent boy but had limited language and communication skills. The world was a very confusing place to him, and therefore he developed strong behavioral issues. We would hesitate to leave the house with him and our lives revolved around his tantrums and rigid behaviors. 

We developed a home program for our son under Dr. Schnee‘s guidance. He received 6 hours a day of therapy with a trained staff of therapists. The difference that we saw within a few weeks was astounding.  Dr. Schnee taught our son how to use language as a tool, and suddenly the world made more sense to him. As time went along, the negative behaviors decreased and we started seeing a whole new side to our child. He was so much happier and so much more enjoyable to be with. People that knew our child kept commenting that our son seems totally different- and he was. He loves therapy and loves the learning. He understands how language works and is able to engage with his surroundings in a natural way. Presently, we are working on mainstreaming our son into a regular-ed classroom.  We are forever grateful to Dr. Schnee for the incredible work he did with our son and for his unparalleled expertise, professionalism, and devotion."


C.J., from Israel


"I think my husband said it best. Because of Nexus and Alan Schnee, our son has a future now. As a parent, getting the diagnosis of Autism for your child is the most frightening words one can hear. We asked ourselves how the future would be for our child and our family. But we were lucky, because without knowing, we followed each service provider's advice and were led right into the doorway of Nexus and met Alan Schnee. Within five minutes, Alan had our son following a simple instruction of sitting down which no other professional could obtain from our boy. We enrolled him after the meeting. At the time our boy was 2 yrs and 2 months old.


He remained in Alan's program until he attended public school at the age of 7. Alan has a deep understanding of how language works and how we and children with autism process language. Our son's biggest challenges were receptive and expressive language delays. Alan's program was the perfect fit for our son. We saw improvement with our son on a regular basis. I watched some children come and go from the program, but for those families like us, who stuck with the program and followed Alan's advice, we were the ones with the greatest success stories. If you have found Alan Schnee, then you have found your child's best possible future."


S.C. New Jersey


"When it comes to really being able to help children with Autism, there are many of us that will always be in debt to Dr. Alan Schnee and his team at Nexus.  He personally worked with both of my daughters, in the home privately and at his location when they grew over the years.  The parents and teachers who know my children can attest that neither of them would be anywhere near the levels they are at today without the love, strength, patience and care that Nexus brought to the table.  My little girl was not conversational before meeting Alan and is now starting to be mainstreamed.  I wish we had 1-2 more years with Dr. Schnee and his amazing people from Nexus.  We love them all and hope to get that team back to Northern NJ again soon".


DB, New Jersey


"Alan is one of the best behavior specialists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I wish I could clone him. He understands the core deficits of children with autistic-spectrum disorders like few others and is at the forefront of ABA and intensive language therapy. I recommend him without reservation."


Margaret J. Kay, Ed.D.

Pa. & De. Licensed Psychologist & Independent Educational Evaluator


"As a developmental pediatrician, I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Alan Schnee for a period of ten years. He has successfully treated many of my patients, and has become both a mentor and friend. Dr. Schnee is an extremely deep thinker and has a firm grasp of his subject matter.  He is extraordinarily curious and well read.  This allows him to bring a lot of innovation and out of the box thinking to individualize the care of each client.  As a result, I have seen his clients make dramatic improvement in their ability to communicate and function. 

Dr. Schnee is always working to further his own understanding of cognitive development in order to perfect his approach to clients.  His personal drive to constantly improve comes from a place of genuine caring for the children he serves.  He uses his skills to make the lives of children better and to help them achieve their best potential. 

Dr. Schnee brings a spirit of warmth and generosity to the care of his clients. His outgoing open personality facilitates collaboration well with other professionals. When working in New Jersey, Dr. Schnee had a devoted staff, and network of collaborating professionals.  Over the many years that I worked with Dr. Schnee, he was a great resource and mentored my own understanding of the field of ABA.  His insights and suggestions were very helpful to my own professional development. Dr. Schnee can be counted on to deliver the very best therapy, at the cutting edge of his field.  He will guide a family with empathy, lead a therapeutic team and provide an outstanding outcome for the child."  


Shelley Lanzkowsky, M.D.


"It has been my honor to have had Dr. Alan Schnee as a colleague in New Jersey. Dr. Schnee was able to identify significant language deficits for the children with whom he worked, and implemented effective instructional programming designed to improve language deficits, and generalize those skills to community and social opportunities. Dr. Schnee is a gifted scientific practitioner who embodies exceptional practice in the implementation of behavior analysis to improving the lives of young children with language disorders/deficits".


Carol Fiorile, PH.D, BCBA-D


Dr. Alan Schnee and Nexus should be at the top of the list for any parent looking for a top-tier ABA program. Our son began receiving services at Nexus at age 3 and he was ready for a mainstream classroom setting by kindergarten. Today he is a happy, confident high honors student at one of NJ’s best public high schools, with a smile on his face and a bright future ahead of him. We owe all of this to Dr. Schnee and Nexus.

Corey Greenberg, New Jersey


"After meeting Dr Schnee and his staff, I felt hope. This was the only place that I had found that understood how to build language skills for her. In a short time, she went from screaming all day to having more appropriate interactions. It’s a long road with no finish line but I’m grateful for Nexus. They have given her the opportunity to access her environment and for me, the chance to experience her development. Time no longer stands still for us."

JZ, New Jersey


"I have been privileged to practice special education law in the great state of NJ , USA  for twenty years. In NJ, 1 in 48 children are diagnosed with autism. From 2007 to 2015,  I worked with Dr. Alan Schnee and his talented staff while they worked with more than thirty children with autism that I represented. Dr. Schnee taught those children not just to label, to request, to name… he taught them to communicate. Dr. Schnee used the best of the Science of Applied Behavior Analysis to not only teach and document skill acquisition and behavior reduction but he taught children to participate in their worlds, communities and families.  


My clients who were privileged enough to receive the NAIS method learned how to learn. These children learned not to just talk but to actually communicate with peers, parents and teachers. They learned what words meant - how to use them. If children can learn to communicate, to read, to write to speak, to play, they can become productive members of their families and communities.  Children with autism and other related disorders are not a one size fits all population. They need the creative genius of clinicians like Dr. Schnee who, although he has practiced in this field for many years, learns every day from his students, his colleagues and readings. NAIS is about giving children with autism the tools they need to become active, happy, productive friends and contributing members of society. NAIS is not just about the basics, it is about understanding language, feelings and having fun. When children understand and respond to what is being said, when they are participating in the world, everything changes for the better."


Beth Callahan, ESQ. Callahan & Fusco LLC.


"My son worked with Alan and his staff for two years and I could never say enough positive things about our experience. During our time there our son said, "I love you mom" for the first time. That would have been enough for me, but he flourished is so many other ways as well. He learned social skills, daily life skills, he became verbal and actually took an interest in interacting with his family and peers. Alan knows so well how to individualize for each child to meet common goals. Our son loves numbers and Alan used that to create a program that would help him improve in his areas of weakness. We have a happy, well-adjusted child and Alan is a big part of how we got to where we are today." Post script: "He is doing well and is in 1st grade now with typically developing students".


CH, North Carolina​


"Our son David was under the instruction of Dr. Alan Schnee for four years. He began when he was 27 months old.  Throughout his time with Dr. Schnee, David excelled with language development.  What we found to be most helpful was the unique approach Dr. Schnee used. He developed specific ABA programs to address our son's specific needs. Dr. Schnee was also revolutionary in deciphering many of David’s clever ways of learning, as well as his constantly changing patterns of avoidance.  He developed techniques to teach prepositions, build sequential memory, and ultimately hone David’s language and reading skills. 


As opposed to teaching David to react to situations, Dr. Schnee sought to teach him to truly think like any neurotypical person would.  We know for sure that Dr. Schnee's instruction helped our son excel.  He is now in a mainstream classroom.  While David currently struggles with some comprehension issues, he began as a minimally verbal 2.5 year old, and now often tests way beyond his years on reading decoding, sentence structures, and math computations.  Much of the structure and level of expectation of excellence Dr Schnee instilled in David shows not only in the classroom, but also in his musical abilities, video gaming, and as a competitive swimmer."


Estelle and Dale Williams, New Jersey

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