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Searching for An Effective Program for Your Child with ASD: What Parents Need to Know

  • What ABA is and is NOT

  • What goes into building a comprehensive program

  • What it takes so that children are happy, engaged and active 

  • Why quality clinical oversight is so important and what it looks like


Building Meaningful Social and Language Skills in Young Children with Autism 

  • Why social learning can be more vital than academics, especially in young children

  • How active problem solving is a way to learn language and improve engagement

  • When to begin social skills training

  • How to leverage a child’s interests and curiosity to build engagement and language


Bridges to Independence:

  • How solving practical problems leads to both Independence and engagement

  • The use of schedules: Toward greater independence and language acquisition

  • What we can do to improve memory/ executive functioning


Challenging Behavior in Young Children with Autism

  • What to consider when considering challenging behavior: Beyond the FBA

  • How to meet children in the middle: Contracts for learning

  • Tantrums: Whose problem is it?

  • What can we do to promote choice and negotiation