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While working with your BCBA, Schnee will bring added depth, scope and purpose to your ABA program. If you don't have a BCBA, he will guide you and your team in all aspects of program development. 

TELe-DrSchnee is designed to guide parents and professionals who are able to dedicate the time to learn how to more effectively and efficiently instruct children at home. If this is the kind of support you seek, speak with Dr. Schnee.

Dr. Schnee will model each exercise he prescribes, will observe and guide you as you work with your child and will direct you (as best as remote guidance will allow) in the particulars of teaching, procedures and set up. Additionally, he will direct you in building teaching materials.  

Dr. Schnee offers consultation from the 'nuts and bolts' of instruction (securing and sustaining attention and engagement, ensuring that learning is fun, efficient and successful) to the nuanced aspects of instruction and curriculum development. Consultation on challenging behavior is also available. 

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