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 Concierge ABA: Filling the void

For families who believe their children's capacities remain untapped. 

For families disillusioned with their current services and would like to give their programs a boost.

For families in the US and elsewhere seeking private, expert consultation. 

For families who want their children to be one of only a handful of children receiving the expert care of Dr. Schnee. 

For families seeking the kind of expertise Dr. Schnee offers so that their children may actualize their potential and so that parents may recover hope.

For families who recognize that their children require intensive language-based intervention, despite what is commonly recommended.

For local families whose children are not eligible for out-of-district placement at one of New Jersey or New York's premier ABA programs and want premier/concierge care for their child.

For families who recognize the combined necessity of intensive intervention and the expertise of Dr. Schnee.

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