Commoditization of services leaves families with few premier choices.... until now. With Dr. Schnee, consultation with a master teacher and clinician is available. Consultation for families, for their BCBAs and their entire ABA teams.


  • Dig programs out of their ruts.

  • Move programs beyond where they've plateaued.

  • Breathe new life into your child's ABA program.

  • Bring greater purpose, direction, scope and depth to your child's ABA program.



  • Advise on nuanced aspects of language instruction and curriculum development

  • Advise on how to stop rote responding

  • Advise on how to eliminate echolalia

  • Advise on how to increase attention and improve efficiencies in teaching 

  • Advise on how to achieve clarity, avoid confusion and increase enjoyment and participation in learning

  • Advise on how to build an interconnected, integrated, language rich program

  • Advise on how to strengthen memory, social awareness, social acuity and executive function

  • Identify holes in learning and advise on how to fill them in

  • Advise on how to get language into practical use

  • Introduce sense to your program by offering a coherent conceptual framework that everyone can understand

Varied levels of service:


Receive consultation from the 'nuts and bolts' of instruction (securing and sustaining attention and engagement, ensuring that learning is fun, efficient and successful) to the nuanced aspects of instruction and curriculum development. Consultation on challenging behavior is also available. 

Nexus Premier: 


Dr. Schnee offers private concierge service to families who are seeking top-tier, intensive guidance. Intensive service involves on-site supervision to your BCBA/ABA team a minimum of 24 hours per month. Dr. Schnee will be involved in all aspects of program development including hands on, intensive staff training, designing and building teaching materials, ongoing direct assessment of your child's progress (no silly VB MAPPs), ongoing modification of your home program, and regular phone or Zoom check-ins with your identified program liaison.


Nexus Choice: 

Less intensive, but highly effective consultation.  Oversight still includes ongoing BCBA/staff training, ongoing program evaluation, and hands on assessment of each child's progress. Detailed recommendations for next steps, permutations, material building and modifications to your child's program on a semi-regular basis, as you choose. 



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