Commoditization of services leaves families with few premier choices.... until now. With Nexus Premier, and TELe-DrSchnee, consultation with a master teacher and clinician is available. Dr. Schnee assists families who insist on having someone with the experience and expertise who can bring added depth, scope and purpose to their programs. 

Nexus Premier: Intensive Intervention / Metro NY and Philadelphia Areas.

Have Dr. Schnee build it. Dr. Schnee is involved in all aspects of set-up, staff training, material building and curriculum development. He offers consultation from the 'nuts and bolts' of quality care (development of tool skills, securing and sustaining attention and engagement, ensuring that learning is satisfying, fun and successful) to the nuanced aspects of instruction and curriculum development. He works directly with each child (yes, he sits "in the chair") and all instructors and offers guidance to fellow BCBAs. It's a long haul. The construction of a comprehensive program requires an ongoing dialectic of evaluation, refinement, adjustment and training. It requires leadership, vision and the experience which informs both. 

Domestic, International Consultation: To schools, home-programs and agencies: 

Less intensive, but highly effective consultation to families or organizations who seek services beyond the ordinary. Semi-regular visits available.

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