Commoditization of services leaves families with few premier choices.... until now. Dr. Schnee provides concierge consultation for families, for their BCBAs and their entire ABA teams.



Bring greater purpose, direction, scope and depth to your child's ABA program



  • Advise on nuanced aspects of language instruction and curriculum development

  • Advise on how to get children engaged in productive activity

  • Advise on how to stop rote responding

  • Advise on how to eliminate echolalia

  • Advise on how to increase attention and improve efficiencies in teaching 

  • Advise on how to achieve clarity; avoid and eliminate confusion

  • Advise on how to increase enjoyment and participation in learning

  • Advise on how to build an integrated, comprehensive, language rich program

  • Advise on how to strengthen memory, social awareness, social acuity and executive function

  • Identify holes in learning and advise on how to fill them in

  • Introduce sense to your program by offering a coherent conceptual framework that everyone can understand